WGSN Trend Prediction

2nd year external client project. WGSN trend prediction package.

  • For WGSN

Violet Nerve : A sensual trend of solid base shape panelling, which
mixes dark textured fabrics with matte and glossy finishes to create an un-polished, reckless & sexy look.

Feminine Feline: Creating
a fearsome, confident and
flattering body shape with minimal detailing and embellishments. Rectangular block shapes are used to enhance
female assets in a clean cut way.

Ruby Allure : Taking a classic shape and retouching with new slimming fabrics to create a fluid form. Deep ruby reds and classic wine tones style this trend into the most sexy and sensual look.

Black strap : Focussing on thin black strap detailing to create a “barely there” look. The strap detailing is a new take on thick
strapping past trends and creates a more dainty approach and style.